New West Lands Reserve: Parts Unknown

In 1763, after the Treaty of Paris, a map was published by, Robert Sayer: A New Map of North America, with the British, French, Spanish, Dutch & Danish Dominions on that great Continent; and the West India Islands, According to the Definitive Treaty concluded at Paris 10th February 1763 . It’s fascinating to look closely […]

First Nations Financial Transparency Act

Media outlets lined up like kids on Christmas morning when the Transparency Act’s first public reporting came due. Newspapers across Canada analyzed the online information about the salaries, bonuses, honorariums and travel expenses received by the leaders of First Nations communities. What the Act reveals may surprise many. The First Nations Financial Transparency Act is […]

Lessons from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Antoine was mid-40s, tall and lean with shoulder length black hair. I met him in jail to prepare his sentencing for stealing lotto tickets from a corner store and many breaches of his release condition not to drink. He had never served federal time but had spent more than half of his past 20 years […]

The Best Interests of the Aboriginal Child

In the British Columbia Family Law Act, (FLA) Part 4, Division 7 – Extra-provincial Matters Respecting Parenting Arrangements, there is legislation designed to ensure the best interests of the child are met.  The Court is guided by best interests on numerous factors including: the child’s health and emotional well-being; the views of the child if […]

Freedom from bias always your right: First Nations people can now seek equality other Canadians enjoy

Given the toxic stew of brutality and intolerance that envelops so much of the world, Canadians are right to feel a deep sense of privilege. We should be thankful not just for good institutions and laws, but for the force of our collective aspiration to build a society in one small corner of the planet […]

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