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42-2: Top 5 Legal Questions

Answers to top questions about the law to help make your life a little easier.

 Volume 42-2  Nov/Dec  2017

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Featured Articles: Top 5 Legal Questions

Special Report: Access to Justice



Featured Articles: Top 5 Legal Questions

What Do I Have to Tell the Police if They Stop Me?
Charles Davison
It depends on why they’re asking you to stop and what you’re doing at that moment.

What Do I Do With My Tenancy if I’ve Lost My Job?
Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta
Laws for tenants in Alberta if their employment ends.

Police Records Checks – What Can They Disclose?
Heather Forester
Understanding how information in a screening tool may be a barrier to equal opportunity.

What You Should Do if You are Injured in a Car Accident
Donald L. McFarlane
A handy list of steps to take if you are in a motor vehicle collision.

Can I Leave Someone Out of My Will?
Donna L. Gee
The difference between those who you can cut out of your will and those you can’t.

Special Report: Access to Justice

Defending the Court Challenges Program
Carissima Mathen and Kyle Kirkup
A powerful symbol of commitment to Canada’s Constitution.

Public Interest Law Clinic at the University of Calgary
Christine Laing and Drew Yewchuk
The forces shaping access to justice are shaping the future of legal practice and education.

Supreme Court of Canada Endorses A New Approach to Self-Represented Litigants
Sean Sutherland and Cassandra Richards
Strict application of court rules against a self-represented litigant may lead to injustice.


Aaida Peerani

Elected Municipal Officials Must Be Careful About Conflicts of Interest
Peter Bowal and Kyle Meema

New Resources at CPLEA
Lesley Conley


Criminal Law
Melody Izadi
First Comes Trump Hat, Then Comes Racism

Employment Law
Peter Bowal and Lindsay Thorburn
Bad Behaviour 2.0, Part 2: Employees Getting Away With…

Environmental Law
Jeff Surtees
How Are Off Road Vehicles Regulated in Alberta?

Family Law
John-Paul Boyd
Conflict Between Parents, Part 3: More Strategies to Reduce Conflict, Active Listening and Looping

Famous Cases
Peter Bowal and Thomas D. Brierton
Whatever Happened To…Stinchcombe and Crown Disclosure of Criminal Evidence?

Human Rights Law
Linda McKay-Panos
Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act: Canada Seeks to Hold Foreign Officials Accountable for Human Rights Abuses

Law and Literature
Rob Normey
A Not Insignificant Death: The Grass is Singing

Peter Broder
Charity Federal Regulatory Round-up


Aaida Peerani
Aaida Peerani is Staff Lawyer and Editor for LawNow Magazine at the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. www.cplea.ca

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