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Medical Assistance in Dying: From Rodriguez to Bill-C14

Medical assistance in dying (MAID) involves intentionally ending one’s life with the assistance of a medical doctor. For some individuals, especially those suffering from terminal illnesses, choosing when to die could be very important: for example, persons could choose to end life with dignity, before becoming completely reliant on machines for survival or being forced […]


Juliana Ho
Juliana Ho is a 2nd year student at the University of Alberta Law School and is a volunteer with Pro Bono Students Canada. (2014)

Medical Assistance in Dying: An Enormous Change in Canadian Social Policy

Now, the focus will shift to the provinces.On June 17, 2016, Canada passed Bill C-14, An Act to Amend the Criminal Code, to enable citizens to access medical assistance in dying. Canada now joins a small group of countries and U.S. states that give their citizens such an option. It came about because of the […]


Teresa Mitchell
Teresa Mitchell
Teresa Mitchell is the Acting Editor and Legal Writer for LawNow Magazine at the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. www.cplea.ca

Critiques of Assisted Suicide

A terminal illness is any disease that curtails life even for a day. – Jack Kevorkian, National Press Club in 1992 Introduction The Carter decision of the Supreme Court of Canada appears to have been generally well received by most Canadians. Yet the decision and new implementing legislation are fraught with quandaries at several levels. […]


Peter Bowal
Peter Bowal
Peter Bowal is a Professor of Law at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta.

Paulami Saha
Paulami Saha is a human resources professional and an MBA student at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary.

Global Perspective: A cross-jurisdictional look at medical assistance in dying

On February 6th 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada delivered the landmark decision of Carter v Canada (Attorney General) 2015 SCC 5, [2015] 1 SCR 331. The Court unanimously ruled to overturn the legal ban on medical assistance in dying in Canada. The Court declared that sections 14 and 241 of the Criminal Code of […]


Ashley Ferguson
Ashley Ferguson BA JD is a student-at-law with Investigation Counsel Professional Corporation in Toronto, Ontario.

Medically Assisted Death Offers Options

In 2015 the Supreme Court of Canada issued a decision in the case of a B.C. woman who wanted the right to be able to determine the timing and circumstances of her own death; what was termed at the time “doctor-assisted suicide”, and what has now become referred to as medical assistance in dying or […]


Charles Davison
Charles Davison is the Senior Criminal Defence Counsel with the Somba K’e office of the Legal Services Board in Yellowknife, N.W.T.

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