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Helping Yourself: Where Do You Start?

Nowadays, many Albertans are representing themselves in court. But where can they (or where do they) get reliable information? To respond to the growing demands of litigants without lawyers, Alberta Justice brought together in 2005 members of the judiciary, representatives from criminal justice, legal and court services, as well as various advocacy and research groups. […]


Adriana Bugyiova
Adriana Bugyiova is a Public Services Librarian at the University of Alberta Libraries (Bibliothèque Saint Jean) in Edmonton, Alberta.

How to Avoid Your Day in Court

When people think of needing legal help, they often think of lawyers, court forms, and court rooms. As those who have been there already know, it isn’t nearly as glamorous as it seems on television, and quite to the contrary, it can be quite scary. The good news is that not every legal issue has […]


Carole Aippersbach
Carole Aippersbach is a lawyer with the Centre for Public Legal Education in Edmonton, Alberta.

Doin’ It Your Own Way… Unsuccessful Succession

This is the age of the YouTube video. Want to know how to build Ikea furniture, bake a soufflé, change the oil in your car? YouTube can help. We are geared to thinking that we can do anything for ourselves and so, of course, many are led to thinking that they can do their own […]


Doris Bonora
Doris Bonora is a partner with Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP and head of the Wills and Estates Practice Group. She can be reached at [email protected]

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