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Sports Teams and Scandals

For as long as organized sport has been around, athletes have appeared to occupy a social class of their own. Held in the highest regard by their fans and with the ability to flaunt their ‘jock’ status, athletes have often been accused of not only receiving special treatment, but of acting entitled to that special […]


Jessica Geense
Jessica Geense is a recent graduate of Brock University's Sport Management program. Editorial assistance for this article was provided by Rachel Corbett of the Sport Law & Strategy Group and Brock University.

The CFL, Concussions, and a $200 Million Court Case

It was only a matter of time before the Canadian Football League (CFL) would be named in a concussion class action lawsuit. On the heels of the first CFL concussion lawsuit filed last year in The Supreme Court of British Columbia, a class action suit being filed last year against the National Hockey League over […]


Jon Heshka
Jon Heshka is the Associate Dean of Law at Thompson Rivers University (British Columbia, Canada)

Using Waiver Agreements in Sports

As a professional working on the legal side of sport and recreation, I am often asked questions along the lines of the following: “When I register my child in a program, we are asked to sign a waiver form. Do these have any legal validity?” What follows is  my answer to a not-so-simple question. Any […]


Rachel Corbett
Rachel Corbett is the co-founder of the Sport Law & Strategy Group (formerly the Centre for Sport and Law) and is also a Lecturer in Sport Management at Brock University in Niagara. She is a part-time Doping Control Officer under Canada’s anti-doping program and is a member of the Governance Committee of U Sport (formerly Canadian Interuniversity Sport).

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