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Preventing Financial Abuse of Seniors: My little Johnny would never do anything to harm me!

There is something very sad about reaching your golden years, thinking that you will enjoy golf, grandchildren and giving sage advice, but instead, you are faced with abuse by those you trusted the most. Financial abuse of seniors by family members is becoming common and creates great family discord. There are steps to take to […]


Doris Bonora
Doris Bonora is a partner with Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP and head of the Wills and Estates Practice Group. She can be reached at [email protected]

Tax Issues for Older Adults

In our working years, determining our personal tax burden can be quite simple – earn income and pay personal tax at the graduated rates. In our senior years, the formula is less straightforward. Though seniors pay tax at the same graduated personal tax rates as the rest of the population, senior-specific benefits, programs, and credits […]


Caitlin Butler
Caitlin Butler, CPA, CA, is a designated accountant splitting her time between Vancouver, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta. She is a member of the Video Tax News editorial board and is a co-writer and presenter of the Video Tax News National Personal Tax and Corporate Tax update courses.

Joseph Devaney
Joseph Devaney
Joseph Devaney, CPA, CA, is a member of the editorial board of Video Tax News in Edmonton, Alberta.

Estate Administration Act : Significant Changes in the Law

Introduction The Estate Administration Act was proclaimed in force June 1st, 2015. It replaces the Administration of Estates Act. As such, the new Act applies to the administration of all estates, applications and grants. For many seniors, whose Wills stipulate that they will act as their spouse’s executors, this is an important new law. There […]


Sherrilynn Kelly
Sherrilynn Kelly is a lawyer with the firm of Parlee McLaws LLP in Calgary, Alberta.

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