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Tax and the Sharing Economy

Although there is no one definition of the “sharing economy,” we will view it as interactions in which individuals or less formal businesses share personal property or services with others for payment.  This concept is not new: people have always had the opportunity to engage in activities such as renting out a home while on […]


Caitlin Butler
Caitlin Butler, CPA, CA, is a designated accountant splitting her time between Vancouver, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta. She is a member of the Video Tax News editorial board and is a co-writer and presenter of the Video Tax News National Personal Tax and Corporate Tax update courses.

Housing Affordability in Canada: The Vancouver and Toronto Experience

Introduction These days, you’re bound to come across the issue of housing affordability in Canada, especially in Vancouver or Toronto. You have probably also heard about how housing affordability is especially difficult for Canadian millennials. Millennials, which are younger adults between the ages of 20 to 34, make up approximately 20% of the Canadian population. […]


Judy Feng
Judy Feng
Judy Feng, BCom, JD, is a staff lawyer at the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the Centre.

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