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Self-Represented Parties at the Alberta Appeals Commission for Worker’s Compensation

The Alberta Appeals Commission for Worker’s Compensation is a tribunal that hears appeals from decisions made by the Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB). In Alberta the scheme for worker’s compensation is governed by the terms of the Worker’s Compensation Act RSA c. W- 15 and WCB policies that amplify the provisions of the Act. The WCB […]


Lynn Parish
Lynn Parish is an Edmonton lawyer who currently works as Hearing Chair for the Alberta Appeals Commission for Worker's Compensation.

Can Administrative Agencies Grant Common Law Public Interest Standing?

Whether administrative agencies can grant public interest standing the way that courts do is an unsettled question. This question usually arises at environmental agencies whose enabling legislation provides standing based on affected personal interests. Multiple court cases have found that specific agencies have “no jurisdiction” to grant a discretionary form of standing, but these cases […]


Adam Driedzic
Adam Driedzic is a Staff Counsel at the Environmental Law Centre in Edmonton, Alberta.

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