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Bench Press 39-5: Red-faced about the Red Chamber?

Aniz Alani, a Vancouver lawyer, has launched a legal action to force Prime Minister Harper to appoint new senators to fill the vacancies in the Red Chamber. The lawyer considers illegal Mr. Harper’s position that he will not advise the Governor General to fill existing vacancies in the Senate. The federal government opposed the application, […]


Teresa Mitchell
Teresa Mitchell
Teresa Mitchell is the former Editor and Legal Writer for LawNow at the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

The Increasing Importance of Reference Decisions in Canadian Law

Over the past several years, there have been a number of very significant reference decisions that have and will affect Canada’s legal landscape. A reference case is different than a regular civil or criminal case that involves litigating parties.  In a reference, the federal or provincial government submits questions to the courts asking for an […]


Linda McKay-Panos
Linda McKay-Panos, BEd, JD, LLM, is the Executive Director of the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre in Calgary, Alberta.

The Ins and Outs of the Senate

If the recent news headlines about the Senate has you wondering how the Senate came to be, what its role is and what Senators do, then check out the ‘Senate series’ on CPLEA‘s blog, Blogosaurus Lex. Senate Series Part 1: An Introduction to the Senate Senate Series Part 2: A Bit of History Senate Series Part 3: […]


Stop the Hurt: Young people deserve a coordinated anti-cyberbullying strategy says Senate report

 The hurt caused by cyberbullying is known all too well by young Canadians and it’s time for the federal government to coordinate an anti-bullying strategy with provincial and territorial counterparts says a report by the Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights. Cyberbullying Hurts: Respect for Rights in the Digital Age, calls for Canada to meet its […]


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