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Under the Influence: Liquor Outlet Density and Domestic Violence in Alberta

We have too many liquor outlets in Alberta. Okay, we said it. This is a conversation that most Albertans don’t want to have. Privatization Effects In 1993, Alberta became the only Canadian jurisdiction to fully privatize the sale of alcohol. Since then, we have gone from 200 liquor outlet stores to over 2,000. Evidence associates […]


Lana Wells
Lana Wells
Lana Wells is the Brenda Strafford Chair in the Prevention of Domestic Violence, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary.

Alina Tanasescu Turner
Alina Tanasescu Turner is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Anthropology, University of Calgary (2013).

Legal Requirements When Travelling Abroad with a Minor

Whether it is summer vacations, winter holidays or visiting relatives for a long weekend, traveling abroad has become common for children of all ages. This travel, however, does not always occur with both parents or with every legal guardian of the minor. In such circumstances, it is highly recommended that if one of the parents […]


Magdalena Ganczak
Magdalena Ganczak is an associate at Duke Law Office in Edmonton, AB.

The Unified Family Court: A Road-Tested Justice Strategy for Alberta

In my recent article, “What, Why and Where: Untangling Jurisdiction in Family Law,” I explained how litigants navigate the thicket of jurisdictional choices involved in a family law dispute. First there’s choosing the right law, because the federal and provincial governments have overlapping jurisdiction over some but not all family law problems. Then there’s choosing […]


John-Paul Boyd
John-Paul Boyd
John-Paul E. Boyd Q.C. is a family law arbitrator, mediator and parenting coordinator, providing services throughout Alberta and British Columbia, and counsel to the Calgary family law firm Wise Scheible Barkauskas. He is the former executive director of the Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family at the University of Calgary.

Can Domestic Abuse Victims Qualify as Refugees?

A Comment on Matter of A-R-C-G et al The recently-released decision of the United States’ Board of Immigration Appeals (“the Board”) in the Matter of A-R-C-G et al., (“Matter of A-R-C-G“), 26 I&N Dec. 388 (BIA 2014) may signal the United States’ growing openness to granting asylum to women who flee from domestic abuse.  While the […]


Maciej Lipinski
TheCourt.ca is staffed by editors who are students at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University working under the supervision of a faculty member. Maciej Lipinski is a senior contributing editor and 3rd year student in the J.D. program (2014).

The Calculation of Child Support: A Basic Guideline

The Federal Child Support Guidelines provide a framework for the payment of child support that a parent pays to support a child financially after a separation or divorce. What are the Federal Child Support Guidelines? As stated in Paragraph 1 of the Guidelines,  their purpose is: (a) To establish a fair standard of support for […]


Mark G. Jones
Mark G. Jones is a Principal in the Financial Litigation Support group of Kingston Ross Pasnak LLP in Edmonton, AB.

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