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Vol 38-1: September/October 2013



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Featured Articles: Laws for Your New Land

Special Report: The Royal Proclamation of 1763



Featured Articles: Laws for Your New Land

Newcomers to Canada have lots of challenges to face and learning about our laws is one of them.

Categories for Immigration to Canada

Peter Bowal and Karen Lynn Perry

There are different ways that immigrants can come to Canada, ranging from humanitarian concerns to entrepreneurship.

Permanent Residents and Residency Obligations

Alex Ning

Once they arrive in Canada for landing as permanent residents, newcomers must meet certain obligations.

Who is Family? A Look at Canadian and U.S. Immigration Law on the Definition of Qualifying Relatives

Douglas Halpert and Andrea Baldwin

Who counts as “family” for immigration to Canada, and who counts as “family” for immigration to the U.S.? The answers are different.

Tax Issues for New Canadians

Hugh Neilson

Some tax issues are unique to new Canadians.

The Calgary Legal Guidance Immigration Program

Keri Schroeder

In Calgary, compassionate and expert help is available to assist low-income immigrants and refugees facing  immigration difficulties.

Special Report: The Royal Proclamation of 1763

The Royal Proclamation of 1763: Britain’s Approach to Governing  in the New World

Ken Munro

Britain faced huge challenges after the Seven Years’ War, when it gained control of lands stretching from Quebec to Florida. The Royal Proclamation was its first tentative step.

The Royal Proclamation and its Approach to Competing Cultures

Brian Lannan

The Royal Proclamation of 1763 was a first, mostly unsuccessful, attempt to deal with French Canada.




Filip de Sagher

Immigrate or Emigrate: A Life-Long Journey

Bench Press

Teresa Mitchell

Defining Dads

Test for Refugees

A Tree Grows in ….Toronto?

Cabinet Tries to Flips the Bird

Student Uprising

Ask a Law Librarian

Alberta Law Libraries

Alberta Law Libraries: An Overview



Human Rights Law

Random Alcohol and Drug Testing as a Complex Human Rights Issue

Linda McKay-Panos

Random alcohol and drug testing raises complex human rights issues.

Famous Cases Revisited

Whatever happened to… Crocker v. Sundance ?

Peter Bowal and Daniel Lalonde

Online Law

Working Abroad

Margo Till-Rogers

If you would like to travel and work abroad, here is some information to get you started

Criminal Law

Bill C-10: The Government’s Tough Stance Against Criminal Record Holders

Pardon Services Canada

The federal Government takes a tough stance against criminal record holders.

Landlord and Tenant Law

Volunteerism Fuels Class Action at the Landlord Tenant Board

Eric C. Girard

From an ACORN, good things can grow!




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