Murdoch v. Murdoch

[I did] “haying, raking, swathing, moving, driving trucks and tractors and teams, quietening horses, taking cattle back and forth to the reserve, dehorning, vaccinating, branding, anything that was to be done.  I worked outside with him, just as a man would…” Irene Murdoch’s evidence Introduction Murdoch v. Murdoch is a 1973 Supreme Court of Canada […]

Money for Nothing: International Longshore v. Ford

Introduction Recently, the Government of Alberta clawed back money it had paid to individuals on the basis of mistake.  The government determined that these individuals had been ineligible to receive the money.  This story attracted attention because the government was demanding the return of money from people who had passed away. The story raised the […]

Keystone XL and NAFTA

No Party may directly or indirectly nationalize or expropriate an investment of an investor of another Party in its territory or take a measure tantamount to nationalization or expropriation of such an investment (“expropriation”), except: (a) for a public purpose; (b) on a non-discriminatory basis; (c) in accordance with due process of law and [Minimum […]

The Story of Linda Gibbons

Every one who, without lawful excuse, disobeys a lawful order made by a court of justice or by a person or body of persons authorized by any Act to make or give the order, other than an order for the payment of money, is, unless a punishment or other mode of proceeding is expressly provided […]

Whatever Happened to …R. v. Oakes

Mr. Oakes is compelled by s. 8 to prove he is not guilty of the offence of trafficking.  He is thus denied his right to be presumed innocent and subjected to the potential penalty of life imprisonment unless he can rebut the presumption.  This is radically and fundamentally inconsistent with the societal values of human […]

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