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41-3: Transgender Issues

Canada’s transgender community needs and deserves full human rights protection.

 Volume 41-3  Jan/Feb 2017
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Featured Articles: Transgender Issues

Special Report: Canada’s Judiciary




Featured Articles: Transgender Issues

It’s Time to Enshrine the Rights and Protections of Transgender Canadians
Senator Grant Mitchell
A Bill presently before the Senate of Canada will deliver long-awaited protections for Canada’s transgender community.

Transgender Protection in Provincial Human Rights Codes
Peter Bowal and Sydney Smith

Supporting Transgender People in the Workplace
Melissa Luhtanen
In Alberta employers must protect against discrimination and harassment based on gender identity.

Canada is Working to Create Inclusive  Environments for Transgender Athletes
Rachel Corbett
A guidance document by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport sets out an overall philosophy of full inclusion in developmental and recreational sport.


Special Report: Canada’s Judiciary

Scrutinizing the Bench:  Judicial Appointments in Canada, and England and Wales
Marjun Parcasio
Canada’s judicial system is modelled on the United Kingdoms’ but there are differences in how we select our judges.

Continuing Education for Canadian Judges through the National Judicial Institute
Adele Kent
Canadian Judges  work hard to keep abreast of developments in the law, hone their courtroom skills and deepen their understanding of the people who come before them. They also share their expertise with judges around the world.

The Appointment of Supreme Court of Canada Justice Malcolm Rowe
Drew Yewchuk
Recently, a Question and Answer session introduced newly selected Justice Malcolm Rowe to invited participants, and through them, to the Canadian public.

When Will We See an Aboriginal Justice on the Supreme Court of Canada?
Matthew Wolfson
Canada’s aboriginal people are still without Supreme Court of Canada representation.



Teresa Mitchell

David Butt

New Resources at CPLEA
Teresa Mitchell



Aboriginal Law
Troy Hunter
A More Appropriate Name for British Columbia is “New West Lands Reserve.”

Criminal Law
Melody Izadi
Lockdowns and Liberty

Employment Law
Peter Bowal
Cumulative Cause: Part 1

Environmental Law
Jeff Surtees
What is Environmental Law and Why is it Hard to Understand?

Family Law
John-Paul Boyd
Obtaining Evidence in High Conflict Parenting Disputes, Part 3: Views of Child Reports and Parenting Assessments

Famous Cases: Whatever Happened to…
Peter Bowal and Kaiden McIntyre
The Story of Linda Gibbons

Human Rights Law
Linda McKay-Panos
Human Rights and Poisoned Work Environments

Law and Literature
Rob Normey
A Long Way from Plato

Not-for-Profit Law
Peter Broder
Keeping at Arm’s Length


Teresa Mitchell
Teresa Mitchell
Teresa Mitchell is the former Editor and Legal Writer for LawNow at the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

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