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41-5: Canada at 150

Happy Birthday Canada! Here are some of the milestones in our law that have shaped our 150-year history.

 Volume 41-5  May/June 2017

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Featured Articles: Canada at 150

Special Report: Housing Issues



Featured Articles: Canada at 150

The Rule of Law: Two Notable Supreme Court Decisions to Celebrate!
Rob Normey
Canadians know that the rule of law is a manifestly good thing.

Our Constitution and the Charter of Rights: A Proud Canadian Accomplishment
Patricia Paradis and Tasneem Karbani

The Statute of Westminster: A Stepping Stone towards Canadian Independence
Marjun Parcasio
The Statute of Westminster gave legal recognition to the independence of the British Dominions, including Canada.

Temporary Taxation?  No End in Sight!
Matthew Peddie
Canada’s War Tax Upon Income, introduced in 1917, was supposed to be a temporary measure. What happened?

The Evolution of Law in Canada
Charles Davison
Canada’s laws have changed in a myriad of ways since 1867.  Here are some highlights.

An Indigenous Perspective on Canada’s 150th Birthday
Troy Hunter
A member of the Ktunaxa First Nation who also proudly traces ancestors in Quebec back to 1666, reflects on the intertwined history of aboriginal people and early settlers.

The Evolution of Five Legal Doctrines in the Supreme Court of Canada.
Peter Bowal and Rebiah Syed
Sometimes, the Supreme Court of Canada needs a do-over!  Here are five examples.

Free of the colonial yoke? Not quite!
John Edmond
Are we free at last?

Special Report: Housing Issues

Gimme Shelter: Housing Law in Canada
Scarlett Chan
Condos, Airbnbs, Rent-to –Own:  Finding shelter is getting complicated!

Punitive Damages and the Residential Tenancies Act
Jonette Watson Hamilton
In a rare case, an Alberta judge awarded punitive damages in a landlord and tenant situation.

Real Property and GST Rebates
Faezah Moeini
Canadians can recover a portion of GST/HST on newly constructed or substantially renovated residential units.


Teresa Mitchell

Canada at 150: How strong are the ties that bind our federation?

New Resources at CPLEA
Lesley Conley


Access to Justice
John-Paul Boyd and Robert Harvie QC
A Bold New Program Hopes to Improve Access to Justice in Alberta

Criminal Law
Melody Izadi
Whatchu Doing with our Rights Virgin Radio?

Employment Law
Peter Bowal and John Jamieson
Minimum Notice Periods are Enforceable

Environmental Law
Jeff Surtees
The Environment and Aboriginal Rights

Family Law
John-Paul Boyd
Symposium on Children’s Participation in Justice Processes Coming to Calgary

Famous Cases: Whatever Happened to…
Peter Bowal and Jasper Sloan
Money for Nothing: International Longshore v. Ford

Human Rights Law
Linda McKay-Panos
Age Discrimination and the Alberta Human Rights Act


Teresa Mitchell
Teresa Mitchell
Teresa Mitchell is the former Editor and Legal Writer for LawNow at the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

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