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Unpaid Internships: The Views of a Survivor!

Last week a Craigslist post made the rounds of my social circle in Vancouver. It advertised an exciting opportunity for a peppy, earnest young person to become a “Barista Intern”, to learn to handle, and I quote, “thirst and hunger requirements.” Needless to say, it was torn apart and taken down not long after. It […]


Grady Mitchell
Grady Mitchell is a freelance writer and photographer living in Vancouver, BC.

Unpaid Interns have Little Protection under the Law

Imagine spending years in university, only to graduate and find out that in order to secure a job, you would have to work an undetermined amount of time for free.  At the end of the internship, there will be no assurance of employment; instead, you can chalk it up to getting some good experience and, […]


Stephanie Jansen
Stephanie Jansen is a student-at-law at the law firm of Attia Reeves in Edmonton, Alberta.

Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps: Empty Promises Spell the Death Knell of the Unpaid Internship

Unpaid internships are prevalent in Canada, with as many as 300,000 people currently working for free for some of the wealthiest and biggest transnational corporations. It has sparked nation-wide debate that has resulted in the naming and shaming of many businesses and corporations, including Bell Canada, the Vancouver Fairmont Hotel, and even the office of a […]


Ana Kraljevic
Ana Kraljevic, B.Sc., J.D., is a lawyer presently working as a paralegal instructor, regular contributor to an employment/labour publication, and an avid social justice advocate.

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