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Who is Family? A Look at Canadian and U.S. Immigration Law on the Definition of Qualifying Relatives

In 1979, the American disco group, Sister Sledge, sang, “We Are Family. I got all my sisters with me.” By contrast, under both Canadian and U.S. immigration law, determining who is a family member that can achieve an immigration status based upon a family relationship can prove challenging. The immigration law in both countries has […]


Douglas Halpert
Douglas Halpert is an immigration lawyer with Hammond Law Group LLC, a Cincinnati, Ohio firm that exclusively practices immigration law. He can be reached at

Andrea Baldwin
Andrea Baldwin is a business immigration lawyer with Stewart McKelvey. She is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and represents clients across Canada. She can be reached here.

Home Sweet Home…or is it?

Imagine you have just finished building your dream home, complete with swimming pool and hot-tub. You and your family, including the family dog, have just moved in. You decide to have a house warming party and invite over several dozen of your closest friends. Sounds like fun, right? Wrong! While it can be fun and entertaining to host your […]


W. Douglas Johnston

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