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Vol 37-3: Jan/Feb 2013

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Featured Articles: Constitutions

Special Report: Developments in Internet Law




Featured Articles: Constitutions

Do Constitutions matter? Indeed they do. Just ask the Egyptian people protesting, confronting, and even dying over the drafting of their new constitution.

Evolution, Not Revolution: Canada’s Constitutional History and the Constitution Act, 1867

Some constitutions are born of revolution, some of evolution. Canada is a fortunate nation: our Constitution has evolved.

O Patria: The Patriation Struggles

Bringing home our Constitution has forever shaped our national political and legal landscape.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: An Integral Part of our Constitution

Canada’s Constitution and our Charter of Rights work together to create our laws and protect our rights.

The Constitutions of the Maritime Provinces

Constitutions are essential documents in Canada’s Maritime provinces, reflecting history and defining the present.

Bills of Rights in Canada

The federal government and the provinces have bills of rights, human rights codes, the Charter and the Canadian Bill of Rights 1960. It gets a bit confusing!


Special Report: Developments in Internet Law

Privacy and Cloud Computing

When do clouds not refer to the weather? When they are a term for Internet storage!

Canada’s New Anti-Spam Legislation: What to Expect

What do you or your business need to know about this new law?

Defamation by Hyperlink

The Supreme Court of Canada described some of the interactions of the law and the Internet as “trying to fit a square archaic peg into the hexagonal hole of modernity”.





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Bench Press

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Two Spouses; One Deceased
Trial Judge Plagiarism
Sperm Donor Dads Remain Anonymous


Human Rights Law

The Supreme Court of Canada Changes Direction

Family Law

Relocation Advisory Guidelines – an idea whose time has come?

Employment Law

The Confidentiality of Commercially Valuable Information

Online Law

Who Cares about Internet Law and Policy?

Not-for-Profit Law

Proposed Bill, Though Well-intentioned, Raises Questions

What Ever Happened to … A Follow-up to Famous Cases

R. v. Sault Ste. Marie: The Due Diligence Defence

Landlord and Tenant Law

Renting with a Pet





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