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Vol 39-2: Vulnerable Families

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Featured Articles: Vulnerable Familes

Special Report: Unpaid Internships



 Featured Articles: Vulnerable Families

When families face troubled times, the law can guide and help.

The Calculation of Child Support: A Basic Guideline

Mark G. Jones

The Federal Child  Support Guidelines remove some of the uncertainty in calculating child support.

Legal Requirements When Travelling Abroad with a Minor

Magdalena Ganczak

Parents, whether married or not, worry about the rules when traveling with minor children, if the other parent is not along.  Here is information to help.

Under the Influence: Liquor Outlet Density and Domestic Violence in Alberta

Lana Wells and Alina Turner

There is evidence of a correlation between levels of family violence and the numbers and locations of liquor outlets.

Can Domestic Abuse Victims Qualify as Refugees?

Maciej Lipinski

A recent ruling in the United States has repercussions for a woman seeking refugee status in Canada.

The Unified Family Court: A Road-Tested Justice Strategy for Alberta

John-Paul Boyd

Could family court proceedings be made easier and less stressful for families if one court dealt with all aspects of family law?


 Special Report: Unpaid Internships

Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps: Empty Promises Spell the Death Knell of the Unpaid Internship

Ana Kraljevic

A growing body of individuals have raised a clamour about unpaid internships, arguing that they are tantamount to exploitation.

Unpaid Internships:  The Views of a Survivor!

Grady Mitchell

This unpaid intern summarizes the good and the bad aspects of the experience.

Unpaid Interns have Little Protection under the Law

Stephanie Laskoski

The death of a young Alberta man has caused a second look at unpaid internships.



When facing terror, there are limits to what law can achieve
Craig Forcese and Kent Roach



Human Rights Law
Why Canada should have a Museum for Human Rights
Linda McKay-Panos

Not-for-Profit Law
A helpful Guidance on Ineligible Individuals, but Questions Remain
Peter Broder

Family Law
Considering Jurisdiction in Interprovincial Custody Applications
Sarah Dargatz

Employment Law
Employees on Probation
Peter Bowal and Luke Stephenson

A Famous Case Revisited

Whatever Happened To . . . Can. Aero v. O’Malley
Peter Bowal and Francisco Etelvir Dantas Filho

Law and Literature
The Gallant Yet Illegal Cause: Canadians in the Spanish Civil War
Robert Normey



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