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40-4: Municipal Law and the Environment


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Volume 40-4  Mar / Apr 2016

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Featured Articles: Municipal Law and the Environment

Special Report: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report




Featured Articles: Municipalities and Environmental Law

Unleashing the Environmental Power of Municipalities
Brenda Heenan Powell
A new Municipal Government Act for Alberta could substantially boost the powers of municipalities to protect the environment.

Municipalities Leading the Way on Environmentalism
Ben Henderson
All across Canada, municipalities are using the Municipal Green Fund to make a difference to the environment.

In Praise of Urban Forests
Mike Rosen
Provincial laws make it possible for cities to build communities with trees.

Common Neighbourhood Disputes and Resolutions
Melanie Webber
Neighbours should always talk first and complain to City Hall if that fails.

The Municipal Government Board
Peter Bowal
Learn the difference between LARBs and CARBs as we walk you through the most powerful of municipal boards.

Special Report: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Era of Reconciliation: A Sacred Relationship
Troy Hunter
The Truth and Reconciliation Report stresses what we have long known: we are all in this together.

The Indian Residential Schools: A Chronology
John Edmond
The chronology of the residential schools spans centuries and generations.

Truth and Reconciliation is Canada’s Last Chance to Get it Right
John Ralston Saul
Canada’s Indigenous peoples have been patient: now we must act.

Calls to Action: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report
John Edmond
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report made 94 recommendations.  They will require action from multiple levels of government, institutions and even the Pope!


Teresa Mitchell

  1. Gonzo Language!
  2. Representative Juries
  3. A Tough Spot
  4. Physician-Assisted Suicide



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Lesley Conley
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