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Legalizing Marijuana Use in Canada: Some Concerns

The possession of marijuana in Canada is unlawful under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, SC 1996, c 19 (CDSA), but the use of marijuana is legalized for medical purposes under the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, SOR/2013-119 (“MMPR”). However, as far back as 2013, Canada’s Liberal Party expressed its intention to legalize marijuana use […]


Hasna Shireen
Hasna Shireen is a Research Associate with the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre, at the University of Calgary in Calgary Alberta.

Looking at Mental Health Courts: Should Alberta Pursue Them?

The case of Donald Kushniruk was a tragedy, and it was a tragedy that could have been avoided with due diligence by the proper authorities. A man with no criminal record who had committed a minor crime, which ultimately led to a sentence of just seven days, spent more than two years in jail waiting […]


Nicole Trach
Nicole Trach is a second-year undergraduate student at the University of Alberta, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology. She worked as a writer for the summer in the CSJ program, with interests in both legal and mental health topics.

Dr. Austin Mardon
Dr. Austin Mardon is an author, a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, and the founder of the non-profit Antarctic Institute of Canada.

Understanding the Criminal Trial Process

Some 20 years ago, a sexual offender broke into a series of homes in downtown Vancouver. Several of the victims visually identified Ivan Henry as the perpetrator based on an in-person line up, a photographic line up or when he was sitting as the accused in court. Given the similarities between the cases, Henry was […]


Caroline Wawzonek
Caroline Wawzonek is a lawyer practising with the firm of Dragon Toner in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

Solitary Confinement: “Abandon Every Hope, Ye who Enter”

“Abandon every hope, ye who enter” DANTE In 2003, an artist named Jackie Sumell created a project that rebuilt an Angola inmate’s tiny 6×9 foot cell where he spent 41 years in solitary confinement. The cell toured the United States for the sole purpose of raising awareness about solitary confinement. Herman’s case became an example […]


Stephanie Jansen
Stephanie Jansen is a student-at-law at the law firm of Attia Reeves in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Law of Sexual Assault in Canada

Perhaps no offence under our laws is as politically charged as sexual assault.  And in no other offence situation are the gender lines as clearly drawn: while there are some exceptions, most sexual assault allegations are made by women who say they have been violated by men. Because of the infinite variations of factors which […]


Charles Davison
Charles Davison is the Senior Criminal Defence Counsel with the Somba K’e office of the Legal Services Board in Yellowknife, N.W.T.

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