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Putting Trials on Trial: Sexual Assault and the Failure of the Legal Profession – Book Review

“That the process is likely to always be difficult for complainants does not make it any less important both to recognize the ways in which lawyers and judges contribute to the trauma of the trial, and to take whatever steps are reasonably possible to make the process more humane.” — Elaine Craig On ‘me too’ […]


Megan Siu

The #MeToo Movement Hasn’t Led to a Better Understanding of Consent

If you had to define what constitutes consent in sexual situations, what would you say? Is it something you could explain to your children? If you’re feeling awkward or hesitating, you’re not alone. And even if you think you know how to define consent, our latest survey at the Canadian Women’s Foundation, which was part […]


Paulette Senior
Paulette Senior
Paulette Senior is CEO and President of the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

The Morality of #metoo

The forced resignation of Patrick Brown as leader of the Ontario Conservatives raises concerns of fairness and due process – for him and for the women accusing him. Christie Blatchford has castigated the party and other public officials for abandoning the “presumption of innocence”, and has highlighted the wrong of ruining a man’s reputation based […]


Alice Woolley
Alice Woolley is a Professor at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Law and member of the Alberta Bar.

#MeToo is a Movement, Not a Moment

For those contemplating the origins of the #MeToo movement and the current climate around sexual assault and harassment, they might remember October 11, 1991. On that day, a young, black female lawyer from Oklahoma and Yale law school graduate walked into a U.S. Senate Confirmation Hearing for federal district court judge Clarence Thomas. Mr. Thomas […]


Flora Vineberg
Flora Vineberg
Flora is a Toronto-based lawyer specializing in civil sexual assault and human rights litigation, and Workplace Investigations related to sexual harassment and workplace violence claims.

The Barbra Schlifer Legal Clinic and Ontario’s Independent Legal Advice Project

In the last few years, we have witnessed a revitalized global movement to challenge the status quo and demand that institutions that are perpetuating the deleterious effects of patriarchy be dismantled. We have seen a mass collective of women from Canada, the United States, Paris, Brazil, India and even Iran take to the streets demanding […]


Deepa Matto
Deepa Mattoo
Ms Mattoo is the Legal Director at the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic. The Clinic is a specialized clinic for women experiencing violence and is located in Toronto, Ontario.

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