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If you are creator or publisher of original creative works, you will want to know about copyright law.  The digital world has made the practical application of copyright more complicated than in the past.  What about downloading and file sharing, what about digital rights management?   And, in our shrinking world of the Internet, what happens […]


Alberta Law Libraries
Alberta Law Libraries
Alberta Law Libraries (ALL) is a network of law libraries across the province existing to provide research support and information services to the legal community, self represented litigants and all Albertans.

Copyright in the Classroom

Copyright, a category of intangible proprietary rights, has always been an important consideration in the delivery of Canadian primary and secondary education (“K – 12”). This is because K – 12 educators and students make up two prominent groups of copyright users – those who use the property of copyright owners for educational purposes. But […]


Samantha Kernahan
Samantha Kernahan is a lawyer with McLennan Ross LLP in Edmonton, Alberta.

Common Misconceptions about Copyright

As an intellectual property lawyer, I am often consulted by creators of works protected by copyright. Here are five of the most common misconceptions I have encountered in my practice, and my comments on them: If a work is not marked with the © claim, it is not protected: Annotation of the copyright claim is […]


Jeananne Kathol Kirwin
Jeananne Kathol Kirwin (B.A. English, Yale; J.D., U of Toronto) is an intellectual property lawyer of 25+ years, as well as the award-winning author of Greetings from Cool Breezes (2005, Borealis Press). Her non-fiction (and occasional poetry) appear in various publications. Jeananne is the current president of Canadian Authors Association - Alberta Branch, and the editor of the Canadian Intellectual Property Review (an intellectual property law journal). As part of her IP practice, she regularly advises authors regarding copyright and publishing contracts.

Balancing Copyright and Privacy Rights

Many Internet users assume that they can surf the Internet and remain anonymous.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Where serious harm is done by an anonymous Internet user the injured party is often able to compel third parties to disclose who the Internet user is. In Canada and other countries this occurs, among […]


Martin Kratz, QC
Martin Kratz, Q.C. is the Head, Intellectual Property Group, Bennett Jones LLP in Calgary, Alberta.

Who Cares about Internet Law and Policy?

How familiar are these stories? “When I got to work this morning, our Internet service was down. There was almost nothing I could work on without my online databases and email.” “The place we went for holidays had no Internet or cell phone service. Wow, did I ever feel cut off from the world!” These […]


Marilyn Doyle
Marilyn Doyle
Marilyn Doyle is a library technician in Edmonton.

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