Vol 36-6: Jul/Aug 2012 - LawNow Magazine

Vol 36-6: Jul/Aug 2012


Table of Contents

Feature: Corporate Social Responsibility

Special Report: Testing the Limits of Law




Featured Articles: Corporate Social Responsibility

Canadian businesses operating around the world are discovering that corporate social responsibility is not only the right thing to do, but also can be good for business!

What is Wrong with Corruption?

Corruption leads to human suffering in a myriad of ways.

The Ethics of Corporate Social Responsibility

Assessing the ethics of Corporate Social Responsibility can be complicated.

Lessons Learned from The British Petroleum Disaster

The BP environmental disaster was years in the making and is a cause for reflection for corporate advisors.

International Corporate Political Corruption: The Case of Niko Resources Ltd.

This Canadian company paid a heavy price for unethical behaviour.

Chevron Corp. v. Naranjo: Goliath’s Global Anti-enforcement Injunction against David

An epic David and Goliath battle has been waged over many years and it is not clear yet who will prevail.



Special Report: Testing the Limits of Law

Which Passport Should I Take to the Olympic Games?


The London 2012 Olympics will usher in a new drug testing standard for athletes, resulting in new legal issues.

Human Trafficking: A Call for Reform

Much has been done to counter this terrible crime, but much remains to be done.

What Ever Happened to … Jim Keegstra

The Keegstra case highlights the difficulties inherent in limiting freedom of expression.




Today’s Trial

Toughest Sentence Ever for Human Trafficking, Suing Tobacco Companies, Please Release Me, Let Me Go, Is Alberta’s Privacy Law Unconstitutional?, Valuing Historic Sites



Human Rights Law

Universities, the Charter and Freedom of Expression

Family Law

Opening Closed Doors – The Downside of Suing your Abuser

Online Law

Resources about Corporate Social Responsibility

Criminal Law

Corruption and Scandals – A Modest Proposal

Employment Law

Resolving Conflict – Six Simple Steps to Keeping the Peace

Not-for-Profit Law

B.C. Paves the Way for Community Contributions Companies




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