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Vol 38-3: When It Hurts to be Home

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Featured Articles: When it Hurts to be Home

Special Report: The Law of Lost and Found



Featured Articles: When It Hurts to be Home

What happens when your home is not a safe and welcoming place? The law can help; services and supports are available.

Reflecting on Family Violence

Sarah Dargatz

A family law lawyer muses on the importance of hearing and acknowledging her clients’ experiences of violence.

A Spotlight on Family Violence and Immigrant Women in Canada

Lindsey Whitson and Faye Wong

Immigrant women who experience domestic violence may also have to cope with social isolation and language barriers.

Domestic Violence, Renting and the Law

Rochelle Johannson

Homelessness is often a result of domestic violence because of difficulties with rented accommodation. How can the law help?

Corporal Punishment and Domestic Violence

Lana Wells and Alina Tanasescu Turner

Research shows that even mild or moderate corporal punishment has harmful side effects, including the possibility of domestic violence later in life.

Including Pets in Protective Orders

Tim Battle

Women with pets or livestock often delay leaving situations of domestic violence because they are worried about their animals. But Emergency Protection Orders can include them.


Special Report: The Law of Lost and Found

Finders Keepers? A Historical Survey or Lost and Abandoned Property

Marjun Parcasio

We reach way back to Roman law to establish the rules of ownership of lost property.

All Is Not Lost: The Law of Lost and Found

Peter Bowal and Dusan Kuzma

Over many centuries, lots of rules have been established to determine the ultimate outcome of lost property.




Bus Ads Target and Isolate Muslims

Amarjeet Sohi and Erum Afsar 

Ask a Law Librarian

Domestic Violence: Useful Websites for Alberta

Alberta Law Libraries

 Legal News

Long arm of U of A law looking to reach rural Alberta

Bev Betkowski


Human Rights Law

Human Rights and Québec’s Charter of Values

Linda McKay-Panos

Not-for-Profit Law

Some Nuances to Keep in Mind When Measuring Giving

Peter Broder

Landlord and Tenant Law

I’ve Been Good. Can My Landlord Make Me Move?

Rochelle Johannson

Criminal Law

Criminal Defence Law in the North: Part One

Charles Davison

A Famous Case Revisited

Whatever Happened to … The Law of Sniffer Dog Searches

Peter Bowal and Evan Knight



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