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Vol 39-4: Vulnerable Children

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Featured Articles: Vulnerable Children

Special Report: Romance and the Law



 Featured Articles: Vulnerable Children

All children are vulnerable; we know that. But some children face greater challenges than others, and the law can help these especially vulnerable little ones.

Age of Criminal Responsibility: An illusive dilemma

John Winterdyk

Different countries have different ideas about when children should face criminal responsibility for their actions. Where does Canada stand?

The International Charter on Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Egon Jonsson, Amy Salmon, and Kenneth R. Warren

The 2013 First International Conference on Prevention of FASD issued a Charter and a call for urgent action.

Aboriginal right – or wrong?

John Edmond

Two Aboriginal families in Ontario recently withdrew their children from chemotherapy.  Should traditional Aboriginal medicine take precedence over western medicine?

Transgender Youth: Everyday Items, Everyday Rights

Melissa Luhtanen

The task of protecting transgender youth in schools has begun.

Mitigating Children’s Involvement in Maritime Piracy

Carl Conradi

Some 10 to 20% of pirates captured in the Indian Ocean are under 18. This poses huge legal, ethical and operational challenges.

One Edmonton Youth in Conflict with the Law:  A Case Study

Stephanie Laskowski

An Alberta case of a “Mr. Big” operation where undercover officers coerced a murder confession from a youth demonstrates the risk of these tactics.

 Special Report: Romamce and the Law

Wedding Law: By the Authority Vested in Me…

Peter Bowal and Alexandra Brunet

The authority to perform weddings may be civil or religious and the laws about marriages vary only in small ways across the country.

The Engagement Ring: Whose Property is it?

Juliana Ho

Sometimes, the bride and groom don’t make it to the altar, and property they acquired together may cause even more grief!

Married vs. Common Law: What’s the Difference Anyway?

Brad Taylor

As it turns out, there can be some significant differences when it comes to tax treatment!




Ten Years – A Look Back At Bullying

Rob Frenette, O.N.B.



Human Rights Law
The Role of the Organization of American States in Canadian Human Rights Law
Linda McKay-Panos

Family Law
Unilateral Relocations – Don’t Do it!
Sarah Dargatz

Employment Law
Mandatory Retirement: Not so Fast!
Peter Bowal and Logan Melville

Aboriginal Law
The Best Interests of the Aboriginal Child
Troy Hunter

Not-For-Profit Law
Is it Time for Oversight of Social Investments?
Peter Broder

A Famous Case Revisited
When Free Trade is Not Free: the Abitibi Case
Peter Bowal and Christopher Tang

Law and Literature
The Contemporary Progressive Political Novel: The Rotter’s Club
Robert Normey


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