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Vol 39-5: The Law and Canada’s Indigenous Peoples

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Featured Articles: The Law and Canada’s Indigenous Peoples

Special Report: Tough Decisions



 Featured Articles: The Law and Canada’s Indigenous Peoples

The Inuit live in Canada, Greenland, Russia, Denmark, and Alaska. They are a proud Indigenous people who have been living in the Arctic since time immemorial.

Inuit Rights to the Arctic

Senator Charlie Watt

Where others might see empty space, we see our traditional homeland, the inheritance we will leave for our children.

An Introduction to Inuit Rights and Arctic Sovereignty

Robin Campbell

What cannot be forgotten in the focus on State sovereignty over the Arctic are the rights of the Indigenous peoples.

A Circumpolar Inuit Declaration on Sovereignty in the Arctic

This document is a fascinating look at the history, perspectives and aspirations of the Inuit people.

The Indian Act: Can it Be Abolished?

John Edmond   

Whatever its limitations, the Indian Act is hardly that of 1876.  But modern  proposals for change seem always to fail.


 Special Report: Tough Decisions

Medical Care and Children: Law, Ethics and Emotions Collide

Charles Davison

Canadian judges must sometimes make heart-wrenching decisions  about children, medical care and even the removal of life support.

Essential Services and the Right to Strike

Matthew Gordon

To workers in jobs classified as essential, the right to strike might seem essential!

A Judge Balances Controversy with Compassion

Teresa Mitchell

A Nova Scotia judge reached out to the families of the murdered and the murderer to address their pain.



Hundreds of recommendations go unimplemented

Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund


Human Rights Law
The Role of the Organization of American States in Canadian Human Rights: Part 2
Linda McKay-Panos

Criminal Law
When Prosecution Met Defence: The Michael Bryant Case
Mark Smith

Employment Law
Quitting and Giving Notice: What Employees Need to Know
Peter Bowal and Stephen Moore

Online Law
Resources for Termination of Employment
Marilyn Doyle

A Famous Case Revisited
Whatever happened to…U.S. v. Burns: Extradition and the Death Penalty
Peter Bowal and Preet Saini

Law and Literature
Vaclav Havel and the Meaning of Tragedy in Politics and Law
Robert Normey


Teresa Mitchell
Teresa Mitchell
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