Oh, S***! Court of Appeal Rules on One Man’s Bowel Movements and Charter Rights

In R. v Poirier [2016] ONCA 582 the Ontario Court of Appeal excluded the drugs excreted from Mr. Poirier’s rectum because of the manner of the police investigation that led to its discovery. Without that evidence, Mr. Poirier was acquitted of all charges. Mr. Poirier was arrested after five confidential informants advised police that Mr. […]

BenchPress – Vol 41-2

Judge Restrains Restraint Policy Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Court Judge John Joy recently wrote a decision criticizing the police practice of automatically using leg shackles on prisoners. He stated that the practice of restraining prisoners without first determining if it is justified is humiliating, undermines the presumption of innocence, may amount to civil assault leading […]

New Employment Law Resources for Alberta Youth

Many new Canadians are unfamiliar with the legislation that protects them in the workplace. Research indicates that immigrants with limited English speaking abilities often turn to their children to act as intermediaries to pass on information, including legal information. By developing resources for youth, the youth will learn about human rights law and then will […]

U.K. Case Potentially Positive Step in Recognizing Human Rights Work as Charitable

Human rights work has a checkered history in the world of charity law.  One might have thought that this would be an area where the conception of charity in the popular imagination dovetailed with the public benefit that is the litmus test for qualifying in law as a charity.  But that is not so.  A […]

Human Rights of Transgender Persons

Transgender persons are recognized in medicine as those who are born with the physical attributes of one gender, but who know at a deep level that their physical bodies do not match their inner gender. Federal and provincial human rights laws often protect transgender persons from discrimination in the areas of employment, services customarily available […]

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