BenchPress – Vol 41-3

Intolerable Delay, 5 Years: Case 1 Barrett Jordan was charged with a criminal offence in 2008 and his trial ended with his conviction in 2013. He alleged that his Charter right to trial within a reasonable time had been breached and the Supreme Court of Canada agreed.  It set out a new standard for unreasonable […]

Obtaining Evidence in High Conflict Parenting Disputes, Part 2: Using Experts in Parenting Disputes

In most disputes over parenting time, parents come to reasonable decisions about what is in their child’s best interests.  However, a small percentage of disputes are “high conflict”.  In high conflict cases, the parents have great difficulty communicating, make decisions together, and treating each other with respect.  Each parent may advocate for very different schedules.  […]

Divorce and Bankruptcy Law in Canada

Almost one in five insolvencies in Canada (a bankruptcy or consumer proposal) involves someone who has experienced a marital or relationship breakdown.  Often the financial problems occurred long before the divorce. Financial pressures often increase after divorce as two households are now trying to live on the same income as one household did before the […]

Marriage Breakdown Affects Taxes and Child Benefits

Significant financial and non-financial issues arise during the breakdown of a relationship.  This article addresses the various tax claims and related benefits for children that should be considered in the finalization of a separation or divorce agreement.  These issues can also be relevant for parents who never lived together. Common Law Partners For income tax […]

How is property divided at the end of a relationship?

The property rights that you have at the end of a relationship depend on what kind of relationship you had in the first place. Are you married? Living together? If you are married, then the property rights that you have come from Alberta’s Matrimonial Property Act. If you are living together but are not married, then […]

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