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43-1: #MeToo Movement

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Perspectives on the intersection of  law and the #MeToo Movement.

Featured Articles: #MeToo Movement

It’s a Movement, Not a Moment
Flora Vineberg
The #MeToo Movement: Where It Came From and Where It’s Going

Putting Trials on Trial: Sexual Assault and the Failure of the Legal Profession by Elaine Craig – Book Review
Megan Siu
Craig unapologetically puts the legal profession on trial using uncensored court transcripts.

The Morality of #MeToo
Alice Woolley
We owe duties to each other that go beyond the law.

The #MeToo Movement Hasn’t Led to a Better Understanding of Consent
Paulette Senior
Although the terms verbal, behavioural and ongoing are in line with Canada’s legal definition of consent, myths and confusion endure.

The Barbra Schlifer Legal Clinic and Ontario’s Independent Legal Advice Project
Deepa Mattoo
Legal advice must go hand-in-hand with accessible counselling and social services for survivors.


Special Report: Colours of the Law

Colours and Trade-Marks
Francisco Marquez-Stricker
Canadian trade-mark law has begun to afford protection to more obscure forms of marks, including colours, scents and sounds.

Black-Letter Law
Leela Wright
A black-letter approach to law restricts an otherwise infinite number of outcomes and possibilities.

The Colour of the Law
Peter Bowal and Devon Slavin
Describing legal concepts of colour and colourability, blackmail, legal blacklining, blue pencil severance and red circling.



Aaida Peerani

New Resources at CPLEA
Lesley Conley


Criminal Law
Melody Izadi
Enemy of the State? Why You Should Treat the Defence and Crown as Equals

Employment Law
Peter Bowal and John Jamieson
Too Over-Qualified for the Job?

Family Law
John-Paul Boyd
Domestic Violence and Family Law Disputes

Famous Cases
Peter Bowal and Brent Rein
The Law of Safe Injection Drug Sites

Human Rights Law
Linda McKay-Panos
Over-representation of Indigenous (and Other Racialized) Children in the Child Welfare System: Human Rights Aspects

Law and Literature
Rob Normey
Lawyers in Revolutionary Times: Doctor Zhivago

Peter Broder
Registered Charities and the Charter

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Aaida Peerani
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