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Persons with disabilities come from all walks of life, age groups, cultures, and geographic areas of Canada. An estimated 3.8 million adult Canadians reported being limited in their daily activities due to a disability in 2012; this represents 13.7% of the adult population. [1] Persons with disabilities may face challenges and social barriers that prevent them […]


Alberta Law Libraries
Alberta Law Libraries
Alberta Law Libraries (ALL) is a network of law libraries across the province existing to provide research support and information services to the legal community, self represented litigants and all Albertans.

Tax Assistance for Persons with Disabilities

According to a 2012 Statistics Canada survey, an estimated 3.8 million adults in Canada are living with a disability.  Of those in the survey aged 75 or greater, 42.5% suffered from one or more disabilities that limited their daily activities. Fortunately, Canada has several tools to assist us in dealing with these challenges from a […]


Joseph Devaney
Joseph Devaney
Joseph Devaney, CPA, CA, is a member of the editorial board of Video Tax News in Edmonton, Alberta.

A Progress Report of Disability Rights since the Charter

In 1982, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms formally enshrined equality rights into the Canadian constitution. Section 15 of the Charter reads: “every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, […]


Marjun Parcasio
Marjun Parcasio is an associate practicing in international arbitration and business and human rights at Hogan Lovells International LLP in London, England.

“Meaningful Access”: Students with learning disabilities strive to be included

Jeffrey Moore attended public school, at School District No. 44 (the “District”), from kindergarten to grade three, beginning in 1991. Jeffrey had access to an aide and attended a Learning Assistance Centre; his parents hired a private tutor. By January 1994, in grade 2, Jeffrey had serious headaches; he was under “significant stress”, was making […]


Melissa Luhtanen J.D.
Melissa Luhtanen J.D., is a lawyer and human rights educator at the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre in Calgary, Alberta.

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