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Marilyn Doyle is a library technician in Edmonton.

Going it alone? Resources for Self-Represented Litigants

Increasingly, people are finding themselves in court without a lawyer to represent them. They are known as “self-represented litigants” (SRLs for short).  The National Self-Represented Litigants Research Study conducted by Dr. Julie Macfarlane revealed that, generally, this is not because individuals have decided that lawyers are unnecessary. In fact, “[b]y far the most consistently cited […]

Vol 39-4: Vulnerable Children

Full PDF of this issue Table of Contents Featured Articles: Vulnerable Children Special Report: Romance and the Law Departments Columns  Featured Articles: Vulnerable Children All children are vulnerable; we know that. But some children face greater challenges than others, and the law can help these especially vulnerable little ones. Age of Criminal Responsibility: An illusive dilemma […]

Vol 39-3: Workplace Woes

Full PDF of this issue Table of Contents Featured Articles: Workplace Woes Special Report: Public Interest Standing Departments Columns  Featured Articles: Workplace Woes Some days at work you might feel like you are surrounded by alligators.  Employment law can help you out of the swamp. Issues Faced by Vulnerable Workers in Canada Linda MacKay-Panos Precarious […]

Resources for Termination of Employment

The Edmonton Journal recently reported layoff notices way up in 2015: “Between Jan. 1 and Feb. 10, 18 Alberta employers disclosed plans to terminate a total of 4,544 workers.”  Further, “Statistics Canada figures show the province gained 13,700 jobs in January, but lost 1,000 in the natural resources sector (it includes oil and gas, mining […]

Vol 39-2: Vulnerable Families

Full PDF of this issue Table of Contents Featured Articles: Vulnerable Familes Special Report: Unpaid Internships Departments Columns  Featured Articles: Vulnerable Families When families face troubled times, the law can guide and help. The Calculation of Child Support: A Basic Guideline Mark G. Jones The Federal Child  Support Guidelines remove some of the uncertainty in calculating […]

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