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43-2: Legal Weed

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Volume 43-2  Nov/Dec 2018



This is a day many Canadians thought would never come.  The use of cannabis is legal in Canada.
(Some Exceptions Apply!)

Featured Articles: Legal Weed

How Pot Smoking Became Illegal in Canada
Professor Catherine Carstairs
How Marijuana became an illegal substance in Canada is a fascinating story.

The Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis in Canada
Senator Tony Dean
Here is a summary of what Canadians need to know about the new Cannabis Act.

Going to Pot: An Update on Employers and Marijuana Issues in the Workplace
Hugh McPhail Q.C.
There are lots of issues that employers and employees must grapple with as they come to terms with Canada’s new law.

Alberta’s Recreational Cannabis Landscape: An Overview of Restrictions in Housing and Public Spaces
Judy Feng
Can you smoke cannabis in your rental accommodation or condo? It’s complicated!

Taxing Weed
Mitch LaBuick
A brief summary of how the various sales and excise taxes will apply to cannabis products.

Special Report: Millennials and the Sharing Economy

Tax and the Sharing Economy
Caitlin Butler
Millennials are driving the growth of the sharing economy. Taxes are an important factor for them to consider.

Housing Affordability in Canada: The Vancouver and Toronto Experience
Judy Feng
Millennials in Vancouver and Toronto are feeling the pain of record high real estate prices and rents.


Teresa Mitchell

Martin Olszynski
Much of the Criticism of Bill C-69 is Demonstrably False

New Resources at CPLEA
Lesley Conley


Employment Law
Peter Bowal
Words Matter!

Environmental Law
Jeff Surtees
Important Concepts in Environmental Law: the Idea of “Sustainable Development “

Family Law
John-Paul Boyd
Resolving Family Law Disputes: Alternatives to Court

Famous Cases
Peter Bowal, Joelle Wong and Charles Crossman
One’s Trash May be Police Treasure: R v Patrick

Human Rights Law
Linda McKay-Panos
The Effects of the Notwithstanding Clause on Human Rights

Law and Literature
Rob Normey
The Dog that Didn’t Bark: Forster’s Maurice

Peter Broder
Back to the Future on Registered Charities and Political Activities


Teresa Mitchell
Teresa Mitchell
Teresa Mitchell is the former Editor and Legal Writer for LawNow at the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

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