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43-5: How We Make Our Laws

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Volume 43-5  May/June 2019




Crafting new laws is a complex and lengthy undertaking. This issue of LawNow looks at how it happens.

Featured Articles: How We Make Our Laws

The Legislative Process: How We Make Our Laws
Charles Davison
How do we make our laws in Canada? Here is an overview.

Moving Toward a New and Improved Senate
Paul G. Thomas
Canada’s “new” Senate is demonstrating a greater willingness to propose amendments to government legislation.

The Continuing Relevance of International Law in Canada
Marjun Parcasio
International law is received into the Canadian legal system in a number of different ways.

How Are Environmental Laws Made?
Jeff Surtees
Let’s look at laws concerning the environment as an example of how laws are made.

Where Monarchy Meets the State: Canada’s Vice-Regal Offices
John Cooper
Giving Royal Assent is the last step in creating laws, but Canada’s vice-regal officers do much more.

Building the New Jerusalem, One Clause at a Time
Rob Normey
One courageous and innovative law can change history. The Saskatchewan Bill of Rights was such an Act.

Special Report: Employment Law

5 Basics Every Startup and Growing Business Should Know About Employment Law
McInnes Cooper
There is a lot to know about being an employer. Here are five basics to get you started.

Disabilities and Addiction in the Workplace
Myrna El Fakhry Tuttle
Employee alcohol and addiction issues in the workplace can be very difficult issues for employers to manage.

Political Belief and Discrimination in Employment Law
Troy Hunter
Provincial human rights laws protect against discrimination because of political belief. The Canadian Human Rights Act should too.


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Teresa Mitchell
Teresa Mitchell
Teresa Mitchell is the former Editor and Legal Writer for LawNow at the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

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