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Vol 37-1: Sep/Oct 2012

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Featured Articles: Tax Law

Special Report: Sex and the Law




Featured Articles: Tax Law

A little knowledge about Canada’s tax system and the courts that administer it can alleviate some anxiety if you find yourself with a tax issue to resolve.

The Tax Court of Canada: An Introduction

The Tax Court, Canada’s newest superior court, is widely respected for its fairness and efficiency.

Credit where Credit is Due: Personal Tax Credits in the Canadian Tax System

There are many tax credits that Canadian taxpayers can use to ease the sting of their annual tax assessments.

Gambling with your Taxes: Are Gambling Winnings a “Prize” Under the Income Tax Act?

There have been some interesting court cases and decisions about the taxation of gambling winnings.

Taxation and the Criminal Law: Tips for Accounting Professionals & Legal Advisors

Sometimes, the worlds of tax law and criminal law collide.

Special Report: Sex and the Law

Prostitution in Canada: The Big Picture

The moral implications can be debated endlessly, but it is a given that whether it is illegal or not, prostitution exists in Canada and around the world.

Cry for Me Argentina! The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in South America

Child trafficking for sexual purposes or cheap labour is an international problem.

Gender Identity and Sport

Organizational policies to guide inclusion of transgendered persons in sport have been sorely lacking, in Canada and elsewhere, but in the last two years we have seen progress.



Today’s Trial

Negotiating Charter Breaches: R v Berger

Bench Press

The Defence of Provocation, Marriage or No Marriage?, Should a “Sperm-dad” Have Access?, What Qualifies as an Accident?, Right to Assisted Suicide


Human Rights Law

The UN’s Periodic Review of Canada

Law and Literature

Heraldo Mundoz: The Dictator’s Shadow

Employment Law

Occupational Health and Safety

Family Law

To Move or not to Move: That is the Question!

Not-for-Profit Law

More Clarity on Program-Related Investment Rules in new CRA Guidance on Community Economic Development

Online Law

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights

What Ever Happened to….A Follow-up to Famous Cases

The Edmonton Journal and Freedom of the Press



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