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Vol 40-1: The Law and Technology


In legal situations, technology can deliver the best of times or the worst of times: it all depends on how it is used.

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Volume 40-1 – September/October 2015

Table of Contents

Featured Articles: The Law and Technology

Special Report: Sports Law




Featured Articles: The Law and Technology

Technology is Transforming the Practice of Criminal Law
Charles Davison
The practice of criminal law has changed significantly over recent decades as a result of the amazing development in technology.

Social Media and the Law
Brian Vail QC
When people work on a computer alone in a room they can fail to appreciate that they are communicating with the world.

Organizations Need to Build CASLs
Teresa Mitchell and Lesley Conley
Canadian businesses, charities and not-for-profit organizations need to pay attention to Canada’s new anti-spam law.

Porter Airlines: A case study in CASL
Martin Kratz QC
The Porter Airline case gives us insight as to how the CRTC will apply CASL.

R. v Fearon: Can Police Search a Cellphone upon Arrest?
Christine Chong
The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that if your cellphone is not locked or password-protected, it can be used as a powerful tool to uncover evidence against you.

Some Observations about Evidence in the Electronic Age
Shaun Fluker
The capabilities of the Internet is affecting how we make and practice law.


Special Report: Sports Law

Concussions, Case Law and the CFL
Jon Heshka
It was only a matter of time until the CFL would be named in a concussion class action suit. That time has come.

Using Waiver Agreements in Sport: Do They Work?
Rachel Corbett
The use of waivers raises many ethical and moral questions, and the answers can be hard to find.

What Should Organizations Do When Athletes Behave Badly?
Jessica Geense
Universities and other organizations need to have policies and codes of conduct in place to deal with athlete misconduct.



This issue marks the 40th year of publication for LawNow. We are celebrating!

Bench Press
Bhasin v Hrynew – An Innovative Expansion of the Common Law Doctrine of Good Faith
Olugbenga Shoyele




Lesley Conley
Lesley Conley
Lesley Conley is a Project Coordinator with the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

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