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Rosemarie Boll, Author at LawNow Magazine

I had the pleasure of attending a lecture by Jim Davies, the general counsel for
the Edmonton Public School Board. He gave a group of family law lawyers the …

Opening Closed Doors – The downside of suing your abuser

In the last issue of LawNow I outlined a number of good reasons why you might want to sue the person who is abusing you. However, there are an equal number of good reasons why you might choose to pass up a civil suit. Any one or a combination of the following options might be […]

Opening Closed Doors – When should domestic violence victims sue their abusers?

Mr. Dhaliwal hit his wife with a closed fist and a broom handle and was convicted of criminal assault. In the divorce, Ms. Dhaliwal included a tort claim for assault and battery and asked for damages (money). She won. Mr. Danicic intimidated and harassed his former partner by mailing her threatening letters and humiliating sexual […]

The Homeless

by Rosemarie Boll. $11.95. Available at bookstores and online. Rosemarie Boll
has been practicing family law for over 20 years and has written extensively on …

Bench Press 37-4: A Dog Divided?

Richard Kitchen asked the B.C. Provincial Court to rule on the ownership of a Border collie after the breakup of his relationship. It was a sad affair: a letter on file from the dog to “my daddy” says the dog is unhappy they cannot be a family but that “I know there is no way mommy would […]

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