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Jeff Surtees B.Comm., JD is the Executive Director of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta and is a Graduate Student in the University of Calgary’s Natural Resources, Environmental and Energy Law program.

Who’s The Boss? – Jurisdiction Over the Environment in Canada

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In the last issue of LawNow I talked about some of the reasons environmental law can be challenging to understand. One of those reasons was that different levels of government in Canada have power to make rules about different things. In this article I want to discuss the basics of who has jurisdiction over the […]

What is Environmental Law and Why is it Hard to Understand?

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Carbon taxes. Rules about where and how you can fish.  A bylaw saying you can’t wash your car on a city street. Provincial rules telling you to keep your “wheels out of the water” when operating your quad or dirt bike. Tax breaks so you can install solar panels on your house.  Alberta’s Land Use […]

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