Termination for Insolence

We hear that “attitude is everything”, and nowhere is this more important than at work. Consider whether the employee’s attitude below should be enough to justify his firing. Henry, 31, had been working for seven and a half years as an auto body repair technician at the Fox Ford dealership in Woodstock, New Brunswick. He […]

Resources for Termination of Employment

The Edmonton Journal recently reported layoff notices way up in 2015: “Between Jan. 1 and Feb. 10, 18 Alberta employers disclosed plans to terminate a total of 4,544 workers.”  Further, “Statistics Canada figures show the province gained 13,700 jobs in January, but lost 1,000 in the natural resources sector (it includes oil and gas, mining […]

Quitting and Giving Notice: What Employees Need to Know

Introduction Since employees like to be in control of their lives, they think they can quit an employer any time it suits them.  But woe to the employer who feels the same way about terminating employees.  Somehow employees think employers cannot freely dismiss employees but employees can dismiss employers as they choose. As it turns […]

Being Fired: Employment and Identity

Clearing Your Name: Some Basic Rules if You’ve Been Fired for Fraud You’ve just been fired. It’s probably affecting you financially and emotionally to a great degree. Worse yet, your (now former) employer is saying it is “for cause” or “just cause”, possibly because of as serious an accusation as committing fraud or theft against […]

Employees on Probation

Since it takes away an employee’s usual rights, a probationary period must be expressly agreed to by the employee.  It cannot be implied into the relationship.  The [employer] must clearly indicate what will happen if the relationship ends before the probation terminates.  – Easton v. Winslow Properties Corp., [2001] O.J. No. 447 Introduction When we […]

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