Bankruptcy Increases Among the Young and Old

A recent bankruptcy study by my firm found that the average person who files for bankruptcy in Canada is 44 years old.  He is likely to be married, may have a mortgage, and owes almost $53,000 in unsecured debt.  In fact, the clear majority of insolvent debtors, 77%, are between the ages of 30 and […]

Human Rights Laws and Inclusion of New Grounds—Criminal Record

Various provincial and federal jurisdictions choose to protect people from discrimination on various grounds in areas such as employment, services customarily available to the public and tenancy. In some cases, the grounds protected are the same across jurisdictions. In others, court challenges have resulted in court orders that grounds are to be read into human […]

Do we need the Court of Appeal to Weigh in About the Importance of Internet Use in Modern Society?

Why R. v. Brar [2016] ONCA 724 is a waste of court time, money and resources Mr. Brar was a 35-year-old who was convicted of sexual assault, child luring and prostituting a person less than 18 years old and a breach of his bail conditions. He was first time offender. He was convicted of these […]

Conflict Between Parents, Part 1: The Effect of Conflict on Children

When parents separate, they must find ways of answering a lot of difficult questions about how they will care for and manage their children. Where will the children live? How much time will each parent spend with them? How will decisions about the children be made? Who will pay child support, and how much will […]

Innovation and the Charitable Sector

The merger of the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation  announced on February 1, 2017 has been welcomed by many.  The hope is that by  joining forces  the two organizations can have greater impact on cancer research and support programs. For those who lament the large number of charities in Canada and […]

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