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44-6: The “Super Powers”

Volume 44-6 July/Aug 2020

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During this global pandemic, governments in Canada have worked together to help keep us healthy and safe. This issue looks at “super powers” available to governments – that is, legislative authority governments can use in situations like the COVID-19 crisis. We also report on current legal issues around housing and homes.


Feature Articles: The “Super Powers”

The Emergencies Act
Charles Davison
The Emergencies Act clothes the federal government with exceptional powers in certain situations.

The Use of the Peace, Order and Good Government Clause in Canada’s Constitution
Linda McKay-Panos
Recent events have caused a new reliance on the Peace, Order and Good Government (POGG) clause in section 91 of The Constitution Act, 1867.

Charter Notwithstanding: Section 33
Peter Bowal, Carter Czaikowski and Josh Zablocki 
Section 33 of the Charter is intended to leave some law and policy-making power in the hands of elected officials.

The Rise of the Digital Robber Barons: Is government up to the task at hand?
Rob Normey
One of the grave dangers of this decade is that Western governments will fail to exercise their powers to protect citizens.

Special Report: Home Work

Working from Home: Income tax issues
Joseph Devaney and Hugh Neilson
There are several income tax implications – expenses, allowances and reimbursements – of a workspace in the home.

A Tale of Two Cities: Residential property assessments and appeals in Calgary and Vancouver
Peter Bowal and Michael Osachoff
Calgary and Vancouver provide useful examples of different approaches to the challenge of municipal property tax assessment.

The Right to Housing as a Human Right
Myrna El Fakhry Tuttle
In Canada, the right to housing is not included in either The Constitution Act, 1867 or the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Jessica Steingard
Jessica Steingard
Jessica Steingard, BCom, JD, is a staff lawyer at the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

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